Thursday, April 24

Thankful Thursday - my yoga students

My Thursday post is dedicated to expressing or communicating the importance of gratitude in life. Yesterday was my final time teaching my power yoga class before maternity leave begins. (I am teaching on Saturday though, just in case any students are reading!)

I must admit to being relieved this commitment is winding down since I am so HUGE and run down, but I didn't realize how bitter sweet it would feel. For about a year and a half, I've been teaching at the YMCA and have created friendships and a sense of community within my classes. Several people attend regularly, and I've been fortunate enough to get to know glimpses at a time of many of them.

My Wednesday night class can be hit or miss with attendees, but last night it was full to the brim, I guess because they knew it was my last one! So that felt really wonderful to have so many share my final night with me before maternity leave. Plus several gave me baby gifts. I really wasn't expecting it, and it overwhelmed me with gratitude.

The best "present" I "received" was from Dave, who has been attending with his wife Shannon for several months now. When he started, he told me he was new to yoga, but I assured him anyone can do it, and I'm glad he believed me! :) Anyhow, Dave's "gift" to me was saying, "If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have stuck with the practice." That really meant a lot to me; although I hope it doesn't deter him from continuing the practice of asanas while I'm away. I hope they keep going to class, but I also hope they consider practicing at home together. I think it's wonderful when a couple can share this experience.

So this post is dedicated to my PV YMCA students - you guys rock!

Thank you God for bringing these amazing people into my life - I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to teach them and for the blessing of their presence in my life.


Brenda Plakans said...

Ah, the last class. Such a relief, at first, but also something I really missed--both for the practice and for my students. They are always such a source of positive feedback. It's nice to get props on your teaching and it's great to see them progress and become "believers."

I'm glad you liked the pregnancy articles. It was fun to write them and remember all the aches and pains and relief that yoga brought. Also what my little guy felt like inside during practice!

Hope all is well...

Yoga Mama said...

I'm so glad you've been keeping up with my blog. I really enjoy your writing both on your blog and in YJ magazine. You're right about the last class... it's such a double-edge sword. It's nice to have one less thing on my plate, but I do already miss the people.

I'm doing pretty well minus just wanting to fast forward to the baby's arrival. I'm so excited to meet this little guy or gal! But you're right - I love feeling him/her inside my belly, especially during savasana. A few weeks ago, the kid was really going crazy, like a little boxer! I guess I need to just enjoy the pleasure of the moment now and the baby will be here soon enough.

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