Friday, May 23

The waiting game

This waiting game is completely ridiculous. I don't know how women throughout the ages survived it. Guess they didn't have sonograms giving them a due date that apparently only five percent of women actually hit.

Can you believe that - only five percent of women give birth on their due date??? Why does the medical field dangle a date in front of an expectant mother that has such low odds??? GRRRR!!! Especially when we're super hormonal, carrying an extra 30-plus pounds and just plain want to meet our new son or daughter. You know what the answer is - MEN! It's because men still dominant the medical field and have no CLUE how torturous this wait is on women. Okay, I better digress before I start alienating the few male readers I may have... hee hee.

Since late Tuesday night, I've been feeling what apparently are prelabor contractions. They feel like PMS cramps - that dull aching in your belly. I told my midwife about this on Thursday when I saw her for the second time this week (the first was on Monday). Due to the long, holiday weekend and since my due date is Sunday, she thought it'd be best to not wait longer than a week. She now puts me at 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced! I have another appointment set up for next Wednesday (post-due date), but she said she'd be surprised with all my body's progress if I would need it. She did give me light at the end of the tunnel that if the baby wasn't here by next Wednesday, we could probably schedule an induction next Thursday or Friday since my body is so ready to go. THANK GOODNESS! One woman at work told me she was two weeks over due before her doctor induced, and I almost let out a scream of horror!

Last night I had fairly clear-cut contractions for about three hours every 10 minutes for 30-45 seconds, and I really thought, THIS IS IT! but then they started leveling off to 15 minutes and I just went up to bed by 10 p.m. ... This kid is already toying with me! ;) lol

No baby yet, but I'm hoping this Memorial Day weekend will bring us our little bundle of joy!

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