Monday, May 12

Meditation Monday: Intuition

Lately, I keep hearing and seeing the word "intuition" so my own intuition began to sense I was supposed to be tuning more into my own or developing it ... not sure which.

This weekend I went to the library to pick up a book and began looking at the other works surrounding it. One was titled Divine Intuition by Lynn A. Robinson - I knew immediately I had to check it out. Read about half of it this weekend and definitely am glad I found it. Very short and specific chapters crammed with tons of great quotes, which I always enjoy. Similar to the teachings of Louise L. Hay and "The Secret" but focused on how to utilize and listen to your own intuition to create a life you love.

On page 19, the book includes a meditation called "60 seconds to peace" or "One-minute to God" that I thought would be good to share on Meditation Monday.

Get into a comfortable position, shut down your eyes and take a deep breath in. On your exhale, say the word relax out loud. Do this a few times until you feel centered. Now "call on the presence of God." The book says you can do this however makes you comfortable and suggests focusing on the "stillness of your breath."

Next say to yourself, '"I am filled and surrounded by the presence and spirit of God. I am at peace."' See yourself surrounded in God's love and light and just sit in this energy of peace.

According to the book, taking this brief minute will help you alleviate stress and gain more energy. It will also allow more room for intuitive thoughts to make their way to you. Try it out and see!

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