Sunday, May 11

Happy Mother's Day

Found a great overview article about prenatal yoga on called Yoga for Moms-to-be; thought it was fitting for Mother's Day.

(Photo of me today at 38 weeks!)

Not sure if this is technically my first Mother's Day or not, but I did receive some Mother's Day cards, which was nice. I also was able to check out the DVD Yoga for Your Pregnancy that I blogged about earlier this week. Received it from Netflix and practiced the energizing, 30-minute practice a few times along with the meditation, pranayama and birthing room section. There's also a 17-minute relaxation practice and a postnatal section.

If you're new to yoga and expecting, this is a good DVD to try. If you have Netflix, I strongly suggest renting it first to make sure you enjoy it. I'm not sure if I recommend buying it, especially if you're more versed in yoga because it's fairly basic. However, it's definitely a great practice to do later on in your pregnancy, and the birthing room and meditation section are unique to any prenatal yoga DVD I've found. The alternate nostril breathing demonstration within the pranayama or breath section was very good as well. In addition, there's three women representing each stage of pregnancy and doing the poses in various ways, which is always nice so you may use the practice throughout your entire pregnancy.

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