Friday, May 2

Packing the hospital bag for delivery

Today marks the beginning of my 37th week of pregnancy; I'm getting more eager and anxious for the baby's arrival. I began packing my bag to take to the hospital a few weeks ago, but I still keep taking items in and out of it. I just can't decide what to bring!

Found this great article from a Pampers ParentPages e-mail called
"Packing for Your Birth Experience" and thought other expecting moms would appreciate it. Includes a great list of items to pack not only for mom, but for hubby or birth coach, and baby.

Here's some things to pack you might not have thought to bring:
  • Chapstick and/or lollipops - with all the breathing, apparently dry mouth/lips are an annoyance that can be avoided for the laboring mama with these items.
  • Snacks for your hubby or partner
  • Back massager
  • Some kind of focal point (i.e., photo, figurine, etc.)
  • Lavender - a soothing smell
I have my hospital bag partially packed. Still debating whether or not to include a robe since it's so bulky; I'm assuming the hospital has a threadbare robe I could wear. Make sure you bring some toiletries for yourself and hubby to clean up since you'll be there two overnights.

Another item my sister-in-law recommended is to have a breast pump in case you're having issues with breast-feeding. I believe you can buy it from the hospital, but it will probably cost A LOT more.

Let me know if I'm missing anything else or if you have any other suggestions for the big day!


Clint said...

Books, magazines, a camera, a few change of clothes for the baby, your baby book. That is all I can think of right now.

KOConnie said...

How exciting!

Regarding lollipops, I read to get sugar free because sugar makes your mouth dry? In my first trimester, with bad nausea, I always had preggie pops ( on me. They're natural and some maternity stores sell them. I read you may feel nauseous during labor, so these may help ease it. Also, don't forget snacks for Papa. He'll need to keep his energy up!

I'm wishing you all the best!

Aunalise said...

When I bought my breat pump it was cheaper to get it though the hospital, but I am not sure what hospital you are at so i would maybe call the birth center and ask. One thing that is good to know though is that if you are planning on buying Medela, you can get the tubing kit, shields, etc while in the hospital and it will get charged back to your insurance, which you can't do once you leave the hospital. Here is a site I have bookedmarked incase I need a new one (I loaned mine out and have not got it back yet) for over $100 less than at BRU, plus, no sales tax and free shipping

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