Thursday, May 1

Thank you family and friends!

I can't believe it's May and just 24 days (give or take) to go until baby!! OMG...

Surprisingly, I'm feeling more and more comfortable with the idea of being a mother. I've never been a kid person and have only changed about two or three diapers in my lifetime, but it's not rocket science, right? I have faith that my hubby and I will be able to manage, especially since we have such supportive family and friends - hint, hint! ;)

So today is Thursday and it's my blog day to give thanks! I wanted to thank my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and pal Lindsey for an amazing baby shower this past weekend. And thank you to all our family and friends who attended and were so generous. It was a wonderful time just seeing everyone and celebrating the upcoming birth of our little one!

I've included some photos from the party.

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