Saturday, December 8

A new book for new moms

Yesterday I received books ordered online at Hay House Publishing's site for a steal at $5 each (a holiday special). Some of the books usually sell for $15-$30 so I felt like I found some bargains and wonderful gifts as well. I found one for myself called The Mommy Chronicles by Sara Ellington and Stephanie Triplett. It's a collection of real e-mails between two girlfriends who both are pregnant for the first time a few weeks apart. They keep in touch through birth and new motherhood via electronic mail since they live in different areas of the country.

I started reading it last night, and it's really entertaining. Reminds me a lot of e-mails between myself and some of my friends who are pregnant or have already given birth. In fact, my good friend Shannan had her second baby yesterday morning! It's a boy, and they named him Drew Miles! (She didn't find out the sex and kept the name a secret.) Now she has a boy and a girl, which is awesome because it sounds like she's done with pregnancy, no matter what they ended up having! Congratulations Shannan and Kurt!

Back to the book. Seems like the pregnancy section of the book must be a small percentage of the actual content, and the book is more focused on being new mothers (I'm on page 25, and they are both over halfway done with the pregnancy. The book is 231 pages total.) Not sure if I'm quite ready to read about the baby actually being here - I'm definitely more nervous about taking care of the baby versus the labor. It's basically a simple, time comparison; labor, hopefully, will take hours versus child rearing, which is FOREVER! OK, breathe deeply - inhale, exhale. I'm better now... I'll keep reading and will let you know what I think, but so far so good.

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