Monday, January 7

Halfway there!

Can't believe I've been pregnant for 20 weeks. Reassuring yet frightening to know I’m halfway through my pregnancy.

Every week I receive an e-mail from updating me about my pregnancy and how the baby is developing. It always seems to compare the baby’s growing size to some type of food, especially fruit. This week, I'm apparently carrying around a banana in my uterus... I’ll never look at produce the same way again!

Seems like just the other day it was only the size of a kumquat, whatever the heck that is.


Yogamum said...

Hi there! Thanks for linking to me!

20 weeks -- how exciting! I wish I had known about yoga when I was pregnant; it sure would have made things easier!

All my best,

Yoga Mama said...

Nice to meet a fellow Yogamum! I love your blog, Yoga Gumbo: Found it on, which I just listed on.

Started consistently doing yoga after a bad car accident and a nasty back injury. I now consider it my prescription for living a healthy life, and it hasn't failed me yet. So far so good during my pregnancy too. I'm hoping to keep the back and sleeping issues at bay.

Thanks again for checking out my blog and commenting. Keep in touch!

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