Saturday, January 12

Savasana with props

Man, this sciatica thing is really ticking me off. After I woke up this morning and did my meditation, I did the yoga postures I posted about yesterday to relieve my sciatica and seemed to feel better. Then I went to an 11 a.m. hatha yoga flow class back at Darling Yoga to take full advantage of my two weeks of unlimited classes. I told the teacher beforehand I'm pregnant so that she could guide me in case I was doing something not good for my body or the baby. During class, I tried to be mindful not to go farther than I should in a pose so I wouldn't aggravate my sciatica. I really enjoyed the light feeling of the class and the openness I felt.

As I was settling into savasana at the end, the instructor came over and completely propped me up: an eye pillow under my neck, folded blankets under both arms, soles of my feet together and knees out in a diamond shape, blankets under both knees and sandbags across the top of each thigh by the groin. She then threw a blanket over me; I felt like a baby, all swaddled up and thoroughly enjoyed savasana.

As I walked out to my car, feeling lighthearted, I noticed the pain in my foot.... grrrrrrrr! When I arrived home and began to clean the house with the hubby, my back was completely bothered! GRRRRRRR! What am I doing wrong? I need to concentrate on the affirmations in yesterdays post to relieve the sciatica.

I've been trying to lay low, but my husband christened his newly finished basement with a poker party tonight and since it started over dinner time, I offered to make a sandwich ring to feed the brood. Just took a hot shower and am trying to relax before hitting the hay. Bad thing is I can hear EVERYTHING from the basement through this old house so I've developed quite a headache. We may have to plan these "boy's nights" when I'm out of town!

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