Monday, February 4

Being sick is no picnic

My apologies for not posting for three days - I'm sure it ruined your weekend! HAHAHA! My goal when I first started this blog was to post something every day, but I haven't since Thursday! Shameful!

I do have a good excuse though. I've been sidelined by a miserable flu that sucks the life out of you from both ends, if you catch my drift. And on top of being pregnant - it's really been enjoyable. Especially waking up at 3 a.m. early Saturday morning to stomach cramps... very scary. I called my workplace's nursing hotline, and the nurse recommended I call my doctor on-call. Luckily the doctor called back quickly and said it sounded like the flu, which it is.

Still sick today and missed work and my yoga class - I was unable to find a sub myself so I hope the YMCA did. I hate when I can't find a sub, but all the people I know have classes on Monday nights as well. I did drop off a DVD of Baron Baptiste that is very similar in format so hopefully that helped fill the void a bit.

Now my husband is sick with Montezuma's revenge as well. Our dog Charlie is freaking out that no one has walked him in two days! I'm hoping I feel well enough to return to work tomorrow because I'm sick of being on the couch (yes, I am!). Until I feel safe leaving the comforts of my own restroom though, I will have to stay home.


Brandy said...

Awwwww, man I hope you start to feel better soon! Being sick sucks! And I'd imagine it's a whole lot worse when you're pregnant! Well wishes sent your way :o}

Yoga Mama said...

Thanks for the well wishes. I'm better but definitely not 100%. Now my husband has it too so we're just a bunch of sickos around here!

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