Wednesday, March 12

Squeeze it mama

Whenever I'm looking for anything related to pregnancy, I'm always reminded in big, neon print: DO YOUR KEGELS! So why do I always forget to do them? I think because they seem so odd and elusive... how do I know I'm really doing them right?

Squeezing the same place you would to stop and start the flow of #1 in the powder room is how you find your PC muscles (pubococcygeus muscles). I've also wondered where the name Kegel originated - seems odd to me. Apparently the practice was coined after Dr. Arnold Kegel who created the exercise in the 1940s to help with urinary incontinence after childbirth. How does a man know how to do these, by the way, when I feel like I'm not even doing them right, and I have the correct anatomy?

The cool thing about Kegels is that you can do them anywhere and at anytime because no one knows you're doing them! I still feel a little odd when I finally remember to do a few, but like anything, I guess it gets easier with practice. The Web article linked in the first sentence suggests doing it for four seconds and relaxing another count of four. Alternate back and forth for three to four sets of 25 repetitions several times throughout the day. There are other types of Kegels in the article, but I think I'll stick to this one for now.


cltgrace said...

Hi saw your link on 5 Minutes for Mom - Welcome to the blog party! Now that you're here, let's get this party started! There are so many blogs to visit & friends to meet. What a pleasure!

Peek in on us at GraceFULL Days & say hi before you go! Skip over the Vicks Caring Tributes & vote for my Gracie Cakes story as one of their finalists~ Thanks in advance.

GraceFULL blessing to you & yours~


Mandy Ray-Jones said...

Man, I stink at doing my kegels. And I really need to do them. My daughter is 2 and I'm still having issues!

Good to meet you.

Yoga Mama said...

Thanks to you both for checking out my blog from the 5 Minutes for Mom party! I definitely need to check it out more... maybe while I'm doing my Kegels - ha!

cindy said...

I can't tell you how helpful the kegel exercises have been for me. My bladder was grossly enlarged with my first pregnancy and I suffered from incontinence daily. I started doing the kegel exercises at the advice of my doctor and it made all the difference in the world.

Yoga Mama said...

Cindy - thanks for sharing how Kegel's have helped you. I will keep squeezing!

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