Thursday, March 13

What did that scale say?

Stepping on the scale today at my last monthly midwife's appointment (Next time is in two weeks!) brought up fear coupled with curiosity. I knew I must have gained a decent amount since the last appointment. Lately, I've definitely been eating for two, or three, or maybe even four some days ... and I gained about seven or eight pounds since the last weigh in. OMG! I don't want to be all hung up on a number, but at the same time I don't want it to be terribly difficult to get back to my fighting weight after baby.

Before the scale revealed my fate, I really thought I would land within the 25 -30 pounds recommended gain. Now it looks as though I'm not giving myself too much room to play with, only having 10 weeks (or less) left. I believe I've read pregnant women gain about a pound every week within the third trimester. If that's the case, I will probably pack on about 30-35 pounds total, depending on what starting weight I select. (Seems like I gained a few pounds before I actually made it into the doctor's office at eight weeks, but if I start at the doctor's beginning point, I'm better off - hee hee!).

I brought this up to a few women at my corporate job today, and they thought I was crazy... guess I won't worry about it then. But maybe I'll take my sister-in-law's midwife's advice when she was pregnant, and I believe about the same amount along...

"More salads, less burgers."
(My down fall has been cheese dip - I could never resist!)

Guidelines for weight gain during pregnancy should be revised


mariafog said...

I ate cheese dip 3 nights in a row!!!!!!!!!! I hear ya :-)

Connie said...

I felt exactly as you did in my last weigh in. I was appalled at my weight gain and afraid that I'll never return to my pre-pregnancy weight. Personally, as a fairly active person, I think it's just the lack of control over my weight that bothers me.

But don't fret -- my friends of all shapes and sizes said they have gained more than average weight and all lost it within 6 months-year. I think we get fixated on the "20-30" pounds ideal. My doctor said every woman's different. It's just how you carry and you can't control that!

Yoga Mama said...

Cheese dip is the devil - so good yet so fattening. I swear this baby is going to come out as a jalepeno because I've been craving so much spicy stuff since I've been pregnant.

I'm getting so pregnancy photos taken in a few weeks so I need to keep my face from getting puffy. Better toss the cheese dip until then! ;)

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