Sunday, April 6

Husbands nest too

You've probably heard of pregnant women nesting, but my husband is proving it applies to expectant fathers as well. Don't get me wrong... I've had spurts of the nesting instinct; I organized the baby's closet and the items I've been given so far for the little one. However, I think my husband is deep into nesting mode, which kind of makes me feel like a slacker.

Via home improvements, hubby has been accomplishing some major feats and getting home ready for baby. A few Thursdays ago I gave thanks for him painting and installing a new lighting fixture in our main floor bathroom. Now this weekend, while I was back home for a baby shower, he tiled our kitchen floor!

I believe the whole idea to do this began a few months ago when I told him how I had read about an inexpensive way to change the color of linoleum. Our white, kitchen linoleum showed every spec of dirt and muddy paw print our pooch Charlie left from re-entry into the house from the backyard so we were desperate. Anyhow, the hub began to think he should try to tile it, even though he'd never done it before. He attended a tiling class at a local flooring store, which gave him the confidence to do it, and after enlisting his mom, they set forth for the challenge this weekend.

I'll admit I was a little nervous when I left Saturday morning, but it looks amazing! The hub still needs to put the bull-nose tile (instead of baseboard) up, but it's about done. I'm so proud of him - and look he even risked his hand in the process.

Not only do I have a new kitchen floor, but my mother and sister-in-law assembled the baby's crib! A major check mark off the to-do list! Plus I have to give brother-in-law a lot of kudos for stepping in at the last minute to help my hubby with the tiling.

I'm so blessed to have such wonderful family that is so helpful and handy!

Little ducky (My new nickname for our baby after receiving so many duck items at the shower yesterday. Guess it's the only animal allowed on gender-neutral clothing!) we are almost ready for you!


Libbo said...

Love it love it, love it! I can't wait to see it in real life! The floor looks awesome & I love the crib you picked out!

Maria said...

Libby's right -- the floor does look great! Lucky ducky (I say it'll be a boy) will be here before you know it. I'm so excited for you!

Yoga Mama said...

Thanks ladies - I will tell "the hub" about your kudos. Things are all coming together, thank GOD!

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