Tuesday, May 20

Baby update

My FINAL weekly midwife's appointment before my due date was yesterday. She now puts me at 2 cm dilated and 75 percent effaced.

I'm hoping all this forward progress prior to labor means the baby will shoot right out... but not too fast. My mother's favorite story (or at least the one I remember hearing the most) about me as a baby is that I shot out like a cannon during delivery and consequently had a mean-looking conehead for the first few days of my life. My grandpa even said to put me back in! Not nice Wilbur, especially for a doctor! Apparently my husband was a cone-headed newborn as well. The odds don't look so good for this baby. Note to self - make sure to pack a hat! LOL! ;)

Come on kid! We're all so eager to meet you, and selfishly I would like to be able to stop waddling and wear cute summery shoes. Not to mention the chore of getting up and down, especially from a supine position. And I won't even broach the topic of losing my ENORMOUS belly - see post from Sunday for latest photo.


Clint said...

The pictures on here and when I see you in person look like different people!

You should almost be back to normal by the time the New Kids on the Block play the Sprint Center on Novmember 11th. THAT is a blog I want to see!

Yoga Mama said...

So do I look a lot larger in the photos are real life Clint? You might now want to respond... :)

You know what's ironic is I had the opportunity to see NKOTB when I was in 7th grade because my friend had tickets, but my parents wouldn't let me go on a school night. Not that I was ever a fan, but it would have been my first concert! I was so bummed!

Clint said...

You look smaller in person. Would I put it on here if I thought it was the other way?

Do me a favor, sing "Hangin' Tough" in your head all day! Is it stuck there? Good!

Yoga Mama said...

Ok, I wanted to make sure you weren't a dumb boy!

I'm not even going to address your other sentence - JERK! ;)

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