Thursday, December 20

Movement to make me smile

On Tuesday night, as my husband and I were vegging on the couch, watching TV, I felt this vibration and pressure inside my belly. Could it be? The moment I've been waiting for the last few weeks... Many pregnancy Web sites and books say some women feel the baby as early as 12 weeks. However, most women in their first pregnancy feel the baby between 16-22 weeks or so. The feeling happened three or four more times and then it was gone. During it, I told my husband, "I think I'm feeling the baby move for the first time!" I'm glad he was there to share in the moment.

If I had any doubt what I felt Tuesday evening, yesterday afternoon confirmed my belief. As I was sitting in front of my computer at my corporate job, I was typing away and all of a sudden felt the same, feathery vibration, almost like a flutter as decribed by other women. So exciting and reassuring to know that our baby is moving around and is safe.

Check out The Mommy Diary blog on - once you sign up, it posts the week you're in on your PW home page, so this post is about her 17th week. The author also feels the baby move this week and describes it similarly to me. Very reassuring to hear others going through the same thing.

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