Saturday, December 22

PregTASTIC podcasts ROCK!

Maria, one of my loyal readers, recommended I listen to a podcast called PregTASTIC by women who are pregnant. I listened to one of the more recent podcasts, episode #77, titled "PregTASTIC Pregnancy Resources." It had a lot of interesting information about where to shop for various items and what books they enjoyed.

Sites and products I learned about from the podcast:
  • – online registry where you can bring any gift from any merchant on one site.
  • – maternity clothes that don’t suck, original artwork from Portland artists.
  • – a site to look on to make sure your toys are safe
  • Baby Bargains – book has a new edition every year and explains why a product is good and why it isn’t. One of the PregTASTIC women checked everything on her registry in it.
  • Baby Hawk - baby slings.
  • Halo sleep slack

Recommended books:

Check out PregTASTIC's podcast and tell me what you think.

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