Wednesday, December 19

Yoga does a body good

"Each body is a universe, as good a universe as you could conceive." -- Swami Amar Jyoti

This quote was the lead for day 92 in Meditations from the Mat, which I try to read daily but usually a few times a week. After 30 minutes of yoga this morning, the excerpt really resonated with me.

"The postures and the breath form a bridge between the wisdom of the mind and the wisdom of the body. A divine spark is kindled, and the resulting fire is our spiritual transformation." The author is speaking about svadhyaya, or self study, and through yoga we embrace the universe inside of us through the asanas and pranayama (postures and breath).

Yoga teaches me to embrace and love myself for who I am in this moment. As you may know from past posts, I'm having a bit of a hard time accepting the new shape my body is taking through my pregnancy. My husband took a few photos of me last night to document the bump, and I look so BIG! He swears I look bigger in the photos (God love him) and reassures me that I look fine, which helps. However, this chapter from the book really put it together for me that I'm okay as I am, in this moment.


Maria said...

Your husband is right - you do look different in the photo than in person, BUT the photo is sooooo cute!!!!!

And - look at the bright side - now that you're showing, you can probably start parking in the "expectant mothers" parking spaces without getting dirty looks :-)

Yoga Mama said...

Good call!

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