Tuesday, January 15

Cause you gotta have faith

In the words of George Michael, "you gotta have faith." This morning while reading my daily excerpt of Meditations on the Mat, which I highly recommend, I was reminded of this line. The book begins each day or chapter with some kind of quote. Today's was this:

"The ego asks a thousand questions for which there are no answers."
~ A Course in Miracles

It goes on to say that "we fear everything: success, failure, love, loss, child rearing, (etc.) ... The list is endless." Basically it is natural to fear the unknown. The author goes onto say that we have a choice. We can allow ourselves to be "drained and distracted by a plague of doubts and questions or we can simply choose to apply ourselves to the task at hand."

You must have faith to believe everything will work out. Right now I catch myself worrying I won't be a good enough mother or that my husband won't keep his spirits up during his job search. However when I have these doubts, I try to turn them around quickly and focus on my faith and gratitude in all that we have right now.

"Today, see what happens when you keep it simple: let go of the questions, set aside the fears and remember that things will work out. Now breathe, smile, and put one foot in front of the other."


Let it Flow said...

Fear gets so many of us, including myself. If we believed in ourselves more we could do great things. Someone once told me that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Every time I find myself falling into the "fear trap" I remember that it's just a story I'm creating in my head and now it's time to create a new story.

Yoga Mama said...

Thank you so much for your comment - I've heard of False Evidence Appearing Real, but I always forget it! Thanks so much for the reminder.

I really like your blog: http://www.letitflowfitness.blogspot.com/

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