Wednesday, January 16

Celeb & US baby boom

Did you know the U.S. birth rate recently hit a 35-year high, almost as high as the baby boom? Seems celebrities are keeping pace with this trend and a ton of them are pregnant these days. (FYI... I may be a yogini, but I must admit to having a celebrity gossip addiction.)

From Jessica Alba to Nicole Kidman to Jennifer Lopez to Halle Barry (let alone Christina and Nicole who just gave birth to Max and Harlow respectively), it seems all the Hollywood “It” ladies are preggers. Now I hear Matthew
McConaughey is going to be a dad with his new girlfriend, and Britney Spears was seen shopping for a pregnancy test today... ok, let's not go there.

Seems the famous either love talking all about their nine months or don't want to discuss it at all. Or perhaps it's that WE love talking about them and their babies and this focus and fascination we have with them makes it appear more abundant. The proof? Well, I'm guilty with this post, and there's also a fairly popular blog out there in cyberspace called Celebrity Baby Blog, completely dedicated to this topic.

Celebrities are also always so sickeningly happy and perfect during their pregnancy - don't any of them get sciatica like me? Barry is on the cover of this month’s In Style magazine, and there's a video of her on talking about how great she’s feeling during her pregnancy. Angelina Jolie actually became happy during her pregnancy, shock of shocks. Now she's back to brooding again and drinking vials of blood... (joke - can you tell I'm Team Aniston, even now after Shiloh has turned one years old!)

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