Friday, January 18

PregTASTIC podcast about prenatal yoga

Listened to PregTASTIC’s podcast #22 title “Prenatal Yoga” with guest Sara Holliday, which is a little over 40 minutes long. Holliday is a prenatal fitness expert and yoga instructor and has prenatal yoga DVDs for each trimester that follows her own pregnancy. She also has an outdoor stroller workout DVD for indoors and a CD to workout outside.

Some of things Holliday says to avoid when you’re pregnant and doing yoga:

  • Laying on your back
  • Twisting – torks spine and baby
  • Over stretching – as you are further along in your pregnancy, your body is more open to prepare for birth so you may overstretch.

Yoga for your back
During your morning shower, let the water hit your low back and do modified cat and cow (tilt pelvis up and down with hands on knees). With the warm water pounding on your back, this feels SOOOOO good. My new favorite yoga pose to do! Definitely try this out, pregnant or not!

Yoga for sciatica
Move into butterfly –soles of feet together with knees out. Hold your feet and inhale knees up and exhale knees down. Continue to do this with the breath for five to 10 breaths. This will open up inner thighs and glutes.

Lay on your left side. Inhale and exhale breath into each part of body from toes to head and relax entire body.

Bring your right hand to your heart and the left to your baby. Inhale and focus on your love and absorb the feelings into your heart and exhale put into baby.

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