Sunday, February 17

26 weeks and starting to nest

Feeling an abrupt stream of motivation, I prepared immensely for baby this weekend. Good for me!

Finally began a list of "baby to dos" on Excel, started organizing my maternity leave paperwork, enrolled for a "Baby 101" class at a local hospital, and I think I found a pediatrician for the baby! Pause.... inhale, exhale ... must add to spreadsheet to continue breathing throughout tackling my to-do list.

My mother-in-law Donna and I also began our second store registry for the baby at Target. I was very apprehensive about setting it up there since it has such a Hitler-return policy (Remember to send receipts, people!). However, I adore Target and was actually an employee in high school and college so I couldn't shun the retailer. Hopefully I won't regret it. So now we're all set at Babies R's Us and Target! YAY! Donna and I also made the trek over to Nebraska Furniture Mart, this crazy big furniture store, to look at cribs. Lots of selection and prices on cribs there, but I have no idea how to disseminate between the choices. Good news is my mom informed me she and Dad are going to purchase the crib - yay!

I do have a budget on the crib and am wondering what type to buy. Do I need a conversion crib that changes into a child's bed? Donna brought up a good point that if we're planning on having another kid, then we're going to need the crib for it and the oldest won't be able to use the bed anyhow. Plus they are a lot more expensive. I also saw a crib with a small changer table with drawers attached. Anyone out there have one of these and if so, are you glad you bought it? I thought it looked kind of cool, but I was planning on skipping the changing table since we have one on the pack n' play. Is a drawer underneath necessary because they usually cost extra? I am also debating between white and maple/natural finish. I really like the look of a white crib with the baby bedding I registered for at Babies R' Us (in photo), but my mom thought it looked girly and since we don't know what we're having, I can't decide if white is a no-no for gender neutral.

Who knew cribs could be so complicated?! Help!


H2Log said...

Here's my two-cents on crib shopping :) Very happy with my conv crib (goes to toddler then to full size). Did have to buy rails for the full bed that were a little pricey. Have a friend that has the changer/bed all in one -- doesn't like it. Made it more of a climbing hazard and was limited on where to put in the room. I bought a changer that when finished flips over to be a dresser. LOVE IT! Use the changer everyday and can't imagine life without it. ESP if you're planning on baby #2 soon -- you won't want to be bending over prego. Just a thought. Babyland in Waldo and Olathe has beautiful stuff and often has incredible sales!

Yoga Mama said...

Very helpful Heather and I'd never heard of Babyland. I live really close to Waldo so I will definitely check it out!

Keep coming back to give me more tidbits along the way.

Connie said...

I feel your pain. I'm going through similar dilemmas. I'm trying to find a changing table so the baby faces me. You wouldn't think it would be that hard...

Yoga Mama said...

You wouldn't think a crib and changer would be such a complex purchase! LOL! You know, you should check out the hyperlink on crib and changer in my post because the is long wise so the baby would face you versus being horizontal.

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