Friday, February 22

27 weeks down, only 13 more to go?

Another article about the benefits of prenatal yoga and how to approach your yoga practice during pregnancy (found in Yoga Journal).

This morning I did a little yoga with my husband (which is rare and infrequent) because his neck and upper back has been bothering him. It seemed to help a little, although he can't seem to not laugh through it... I hope he tries to do a little a day because he is stiff for being a young man! Then I did about 10 minutes of seated meditation followed by an hour of Shiva Rea's Prenatal Yoga dvd, which is excellent.

Today marks week 27, meaning ONE week left in the second trimester! Can't believe it's flown by so quickly; guess because I've felt fairly well after being so drained and icky during the first trimester. I just pray I don't blow up like a balloon the next few months. I've only gained around 15 pounds so far, which seems to be on track to be in the healthy weight gain of 25-30 pounds total. People tell me it hasn't creeped into my face - but maybe they're being nice!

Just think the baby was once only an inch big (first set of sonograms is baby at 10 weeks), then about a pound at 18 weeks (second sonogram). Now he or she is over two pounds and 14.5 inches from head to heal. Crazy! And yet SO FAR TO GROW! OMG ... inhale, exhale.

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