Thursday, February 21

The belly solicits ALL types of comments

My belly is becoming more and more prominent so everyone wants to share with me their personal pregnancy stories ... or their friends' pregnancy story ... or their cousin's friend's experience. When random strangers share cute anecdotes, it's kind of heartwarming. Like the other night, our server at my favorite Chinese restaurant was going on and on about various oddities that occured during her two pregnancies. However, I dread those who love to share the long labor stories or anything to do with how difficult it will be when the baby arrives. No negativity please! Not interested!

Guess I should be jubilant random peeps haven't begun touching and rubbing my bump yet. Don't know how I'm going to feel about that. I'm actually a fairly touchy person so it probably won't be so excruciating, but time will tell.

Here's my bump last week at 25 weeks and my hubby's sympathy bump, which he is OBVIOUSLY sticking out on purpose!


Brandy said...

LOL! That picture is super cute! You look great by the way!

Oh yeah and the part about people touching womens pregnant bellies...what gives anyone the right to touch a strangers baby belly??!! I never understood that! I'm sure I will end up taking a few people out :)

Yoga Mama said...

So good to hear from you. I've been checking your blog every so often and noticed you weren't posting as often - saw your blog post today though! Funny calling yourself a deadbeat - please! Every now and then a girl just needs to lay low. I'm the queen deadbeat then! LOL!

Thanks for the kudos. I think my belly looks HUGE already in the photo although it's all in front so from behind you can't tell I'm pregnant. Apparently it's an old wives tale that if you carry like this, it's a boy! We'll see if that's true or not.

Connie said...

You look great! I'm 23 weeks and I think we're the same size.

I don't know if the old wives tale is true. My friends have told me that I'm carrying wide and I'm having a boy!

Yoga Mama said...

Connie! You're bursting my boy bubble - just joking, kinda sorta. hee hee. Thanks!

Brenda Plakans said...

At 7 months (with son #1...carried high and narrow, btw)I went on a tour of Provence with my mom. One of our fellow travellers, who had said nothing to me the whole trip came up and asked, loudly, "So, are you peeing a lot?" I muttered something like, "Not so much, how about you?"

When you walk around pregnant, you certainly feel like a giant symbol of something...the source of humankind? fertility? nuturing? And everyone feels like they get to be a part of your pregnance--for better or worse.

Anyway, you look adorable. Enjoy the second trimester...I loved the week 20s. Big enough for sympathy, but not too big to pick stuff off the floor.


Yoga Mama said...

Thanks Brenda for sharing - good response. I NEVER respond the way I want to five minutes after the chance! Guess I just have to take everything with a grain of salt and enjoy my last week or two in the second trimester. Can't believe it's going by so quickly!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Yoga Mama.

I love you and may all continue to go well for you in your activities and relationships leading up to the pregnancy, the pregnancy, and everything past the pregnancy.

I know and feel that everything will work itself out for your husband and you better than anything you may ever imagine or dream.

Are you still in your worker bee modality during the day?

I have been structuring my day so that I only have enough assignments to fill my forty hour week. As well, when it is not my responsibility to complete a task or if the task is not understood who should complete since I have about 20 silos competing not to be the one to do the work, I assign my team leader (who actually asked to be copied - Bravo) to direct me or others on who should complete the task.

Needless to say I am breaking through the looking glass of Capitalistic Corporate Communism (CCC) so that I may be a happier me. When everyone attempts to stay away from getting the work done and they assign the work to me (that I have no clue what is going on at the beginning), they know that I will study what is happening, complete the task with competent quality, efficiency, and will meet the deadline.

Guess you can say that our journalistic father deadline orientation and our librarian resource mother skills are coming through for me.

Loving you, your brother ...

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