Monday, February 18

Got a case of the Mondays

Back to Monday. Oh Monday, why do we hate you so? Why are you the least favorite day of the week for most "regularly scheduled" workers? Oh why Monday do you annoy us so?

I tried to use reverse psychology on myself this morning by putting "YAY Monday" on my Facebook profile. Didn't work. My negative vibe kept attracting more negativity (there's that darn law of attraction); I discovered what I thought was my compensation during my maternity leave was no where close to reality, which really brought me down.

Why Monday, WHY?

Today I also noticed a few on-going oddities in my body that seem to have become worse. First, my right eye has been twitching since the middle of last week. Apparently, eye twitches may be caused by stress or fatigue - didn't think I was much of either, but apparently I am. Then my hands and feet felt kind of odd, like they're swelling. It's not like my wedding ring or my shoes or too tight, but they feel weird. It's called edema, which is "when excess fluid collects in your tissue. It's normal to have a certain amount of swelling during pregnancy because you're retaining more water" according to

Is there anyway to prevent or lessen the swelling? says to:
  • Put your feet up as much as possible.
  • Keep blood circulating by getting up often and taking short walks.
  • Don't cross legs.
  • Sleep on left side.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Exercise - one site said that yoga helps circulation so it should help minimize the swelling.
Some yoga postures that are supposed to help alleviate edema:
According to Louise Hay's book You can Heal your Life, edema is caused by not letting go of something. Here's the affirmation according to Louise: "I willingly release the past. It is safe for me to let go. I am free now."

Better get some sleep so my eye will stop twitching and say my affirmations. Goodbye Monday!


Deborah said...

Dear Yoga Mama,

First - thanks for visiting my blog Websites People Read. Secondly - congrats on the baby. I remember when I was expecting my first, I experienced all of the oddities you described in your Monday post. They go away and are replaced with many other oddities before the blessed event, but all is forgotten once that precious bundle is in your arms. My baby will be 17 in just a couple weeks. A blink.

As for the Monday blues. I can also relate. I crank up my fav tunes (when I was in the corporate world not everyone liked to listen to Rosemary Clooney but it sure made me smile) and I would get up and take a walk to another part of the building to visit someone I usually only took the time to email. Now that I'm a home based business owner, I step outside the door and take a walk. The fresh air helps.

I'll enjoy following your journey! Take care.

Yoga Mama said...

Thanks Deborah for the reciprocation! I work in corporate communications during my day job so a friend of mine recommended a post on your blog.

Good ideas on the Monday blues! I think I was in the mood to have a bit of a pout... hee hee!

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