Friday, February 22

The proof is in the pudding

Am I completely making up this saying? I swear I've heard the "the proof is in the pudding" before, and I think it goes well with an article I found on, "Yoga Therapy Delivers" discussing the benefits of prenatal yoga. I have no idea where the phrase originated; what's a girl to do but Google it? Lo and behold, I'm not crazy (at least not about this!). It is a saying but was shortened up from "the proof of the pudding is in the eating" - interesting. The saying meaning "results are what count."

So back to the article that shows the results of a study of pregnant women doing yoga versus another form of exercise. Some did yoga (including meditation and breathing exercies) and some walked twice a day for 30 minutes. Those in the yoga group had significantly lower "preterm labor, growth retardation, and pregnancy-induced hypertension with growth retardation" and "higher birthrates" than the walking group.

Very intriguing, especially when the other group is exercising at a decent pace as well. I'd like to tell the naysayers of yoga I told you so, but I'll be more mature. LOL!


Monica said...

HI there Yoga Momma!

I would agree with that study. Not having done yoga while pregnant, but just starting to see what benefits there are.

Yoga is such a total body experience! Walking can be jarring on a pregnant body, as with many excersises. Yoga is really a beautiful experience... I'll bet baby has fun too! :)

How are you feeling?


Yoga Mama said...

Hey Monica! Thanks for commenting. Yoga has been a lifesaver for me - I began practicing about five years ago after a car accident injured my back. Only thing that really helped. A lot of pregnant women complain about back issues, and you think I would with the extra weight, but I truly believe yoga has helped me maintain a healthy pregnancy and body.

Don't get me wrong, I have experienced aches and pains along the way (bad leg cramps, sciatica, edema)but they seem to come and go fairly quickly. I've noticed this week I'm pretty tired, even though I've been getting at least 7 1/2 - 8 hours of sleep per night. Guess the baby just needs more sleep to grow. I do envision the baby as I'm doing yoga, enjoying the ride - kind of fun.

Come back!

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