Friday, February 29

Office yoga for TGIF

TGIF! I used to make fun of this acronym, but now that I've been in the hamster wheel of corporate America for a while, I understand the phrase more and more. Since it's Friday I hope you're not stressed out today, but I have a few yoga moves you can do while at work, even if you can't get away from your desk. has a short video and article on a couple of yoga postures that can be done during a two-minute break. Who doesn't have two minutes?

On my desk at work, I keep the book Office Yoga front and center to remind me to take little breaks every hour or so. Especially being pregnant, I need to move around so I don't get edema (swelling) or back pain. The book has yoga moves I can do right in my chair in the safety of my cube, although there are a few that may appear odd if someone sneaks up behind me. Hee hee - my coworkers think I'm the "odd yogini" anyhow so why not push the envelope? :)

The "Kick back Log-on pose" and "Human Basketball Net" on pages 30 and 31 are safe and feel awesome. When first logging onto the computer in the morning, it takes a few minutes. Take advantage of this time by sitting in your chair and interlacing your fingers behind your head. Open up your elbows towards your back and relax your shoulders. Maybe shut down your eyes and envision how you'd like your day to be and what you want to happen. The second pose is stretching your arms overhead and interlacing your fingers, pushing palms up. You can also take this farther by leaning to one side and then the other.

It's amazing what a little yoga a day can do.


Yogamum said...

Thanks for the tip -- if you follow the link below, you can get the book for $2.03 from Amazon, and it's eligible for the 4 for 3 promotion (buy 4 get one free)

Quite a deal!

Yoga Mama said...

Thanks for sharing Yogamum - it's definitely worth $2! I think my mom gave me the book as a X-mas stocking stuffer/joke, but it really is decent. I presented to a group within my company last spring on how to incorporate yoga into your day at work and used a lot of tips from it.

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