Tuesday, February 26

Sun Salutations for the bump

Other pregnant ladies ask me how to modify yoga postures for the bump. I found a good modification for sun salutations. Never heard of camper's pose, but it looks interesting and good for opening the hips.

If you're in the Kansas City area and you're a YMCA member, looks like I may teach a prenatal yoga workshop at my local YMCA in Prairie Village, Kan., in mid March. I'm really excited about the opportunity, and I'll post more about it later when it gets solidified. Thank you Aunalise for commenting and asking me about it. Motivated me to pitch the idea!


Amber said...

Oh, you are beautiful! I am a corporate worker bee, too...trying to find a work at home situation so that I can have more time and energy for yoga and crafts and the like.

In fact, you have inspired me this morning to put down the keyboard and do some stretches - but I have to break the news to a snoozing kitty on my lap.

Namaste, and be well! :)

Yoga Mama said...

Good luck on working from home - please share your success once you find it! Saw you're looking into medical transcription, which I've heard is a great field.

Glad I inspired you to do a bit of yoga today. My dog Charlie likes to interrupt my yoga practice as well.


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