Wednesday, February 27

New search tool

Notice anything new on the ol' blog???? Hmmmmmmmmmmm? Really, you give up already? Okay, fine don't play along! Check out the new search widget called Lijit I installed on the top left for your convenience.

I'm pumped about the search tool because it allows you to seek specific information on my blog plus related content on Web sites I've saved in (social bookmarking site, which is very cool itself) and various other Web sources (Facebook, YouTube and other blogs I like, etc.). Try it out.

Here's about a three-minute clip from Jennifer Wolfe's 15-minute prenatal yoga DVD I found on YouTube. I love her Prenatal Vinyasa DVD - my only pet peeve about it was that it was about 90 minutes without chapters so it looks like she's created another one with segments! Although this clip is short, it's a good way to start your morning and also give you a taste of the DVD.

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