Thursday, February 28

Celeb bumps GALORE!

The bump can't hide any longer - Brangelina is definitely preggers. Looks like she's at least four to five months along, but I guess women show earlier on in their second pregnancy.

In my post on Jan. 30 I blogged about the possibility, and it apparently is true since her fairly apparent bump is showing in her nice, snug black dress (take that Team Aniston - I can't let go, ok?!). Much different than the muumuu she wore to the SAG awards. The U.S. birth rate hit a 35-year high in 2007, and it seems like the celebs are reflecting the country's trend. Every day another one literally pops up - Minnie Driver is another new example. Jon Stewart even did a bit within the Oscars this last Sunday about all the pregnant actresses attending the awards show - watch it below if you missed it.


Nadine Fawell said...

We SHOULD be having babies, c'mon!

Connie said...

I'm convinced that the recent fashion trend of wearing baby doll tops is because of pregnant celebrities -- which is fine by me because I usually buy non-pregnant clothes in large and they fit fine. Cheaper too!

(Jessica Alba's pregnancy came out right after I announced mine and my friends told me I'm leading a trend. Haha!)

Yoga Mama said...

I never thought about it being tied to the celeb pregnancy boom - good point! I ended up buying a ton of nonmaternity tops too because there's so many shirts that could pass for pregnancy tops! And they were MUCH cheaper and tops you could wear after you have your baby - although people will probably think they are maternity tops! HA!

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