Saturday, March 22

90210 spin-off details and pregnant alum

So I can't resist giving an update on the 90210 spin-off I blogged about last week. Apparently the new series writer Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) said it would be based around a new family from Kansas (where I live!); obviously a parallel to the Walshes from Minnesota. Thomas also said they plan on bringing back one of the original characters but has no idea which one.

Perhaps it will be Clare Arnold, aka Kathleen Robertson, who joined the original series during the gang's frosh year at CU (I admit to my pathetic aptitude on the show's history!). Apparently she's expecting her first child - click on her name above to see the revealing bump photo - and may I say she's quite gutsy for wearing that swimsuit, pregnant or not.


Liudmila said...

did you ever seen photos of Gita's pregnant sister in the book of Gita S. Iyengar "Yoga: a gem for women"? If not -do it.

Yoga Mama said...

Thanks for the book rec Liudmila - I have not even heard of it but it looks very intriguing - now on my Amazon wish list. Also I appreciate you friending up with me on Blog Catalog and actually checking out my blog

FYI: I do actually blog about yoga and try to keep celeb gossip to a minimum but I couldn't resist about the 90210 spin off. It was a staple TV show for me growing up. ;)


Clint said...

I know I am going to have to watch this show and I am so scared! If Luke Perry is in a show, I get forced to watch it

Yoga Mama said...

I'm going to have to meet your wife Clint - sounds like we'd be best friends with our strange love of 90210! HA!

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