Friday, March 21

YJ is a great resource for the yogi in you

Yoga Journal magazine is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning more about yoga. I received it as a gift about a year prior to teaching yoga and have had a subscription ever since. It's so cheap considering all the information provided such as suggested sequences, health benefits, meditations, etc.

YJ's Web site also is a great receptacle of knowledge for yogis and recently had a redesign and added some new features, such as a new weekly podcast and a sequence builder where you can create a practice with correlating photos of postures. I also love reading blog "Teacher Tells All," by a yoga teacher just starting out who I nominated for an "E" for excellent blog award a while ago.

Also on is a ton of online newsletters to sign up to receive, and I recommend "My yoga mentor," which is written with the yoga teacher in mind. The last edition had a wonderful article, "Tools for teaching prenatal yoga: the first trimester" by another one of my favorite bloggers - Ground thru the sit bones author. Very good advice for teachers and for the expectant yogini.

Prenatal yoga pose: squat
Squats are great for opening up the hips and preparing for birth. You can do it against the wall or on a block.

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