Thursday, March 20

Spring Fever!

Boy, do I have a case of spring fever, especially since the weather is at a perfect 72 degrees in Kansas City today - much warmer than it has been in MONTHS! Of course I had to go to work today, but it was still nice to know spring has officially arrived. (Sadly I think the forecast for this weekend is snow - welcome to the Midwest!)

In the latter half of the day, I attended an IABC luncheon/seminar about social media. The speaker was informative and topical, but what really struck me during the event was all the pregnant ladies attending - I swear there were five others plus me. With about 10 eight-top tables, I'm estimating 80 attendees, so 1/15 at the event were expecting. Isn't that crazy? With fashion these days, it's harder to tell if someone is pregnant or not, but I am fairly confident in my estimate. I kept pointing out all the other preggers to my friend/coworker who attended the luncheon. Maria replied that she better not drink the water... good idea. Looks like there's a baby boom in KC!

So our crib arrived the other day - now the hubby needs to assemble it. So excited! One step closer to having the baby's room ready, and next week is our first baby shower with my coworkers. A lot are going, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I think they are purchasing one of our big registry items, like the stroller/car seat or baby's bedding. Can't wait because I hate to buy too much until we see what all we receive from the showers. I did find a good Web article about what is really necessary for the baby when he or she first arrives. I especially appreciated the list of how many clothes or layettes to have on hand at first:
  • Two or three one-piece stretch suits
  • Two sets of separates
  • Four or five T-shirts
  • A machine-washable sweater
  • Four nightgowns or sacks
  • One bunting (a hooded nightgown)
  • One hat
  • Six pairs of stretchy cotton socks
  • Six receiving blankets
  • Diaper covers or plastic pants if you’re using cloth diapers
Prenatal yoga pose: modified cobra
Great for the back since we can't do cobra the traditional way (on our bellies) during pregnancy. It's so easy and convenient to do so I try to do this pose every day, like when I get up out of my chair at work.

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