Monday, March 17

Rock-star parking

Although it was a gloomy, stormy Monday, I didn't mind because I knew I had a rock-star parking spot waiting for me at work thanks to my little jelly in the belly!

People at the office told me I could request parking for expectant mothers, but I just kept forgetting to follow up. I finally remembered to send an e-mail Friday - the contact told me my own personal spot would be ready for me on Monday - even has my name on the sign! It's all mine and is about 15 steps away from the front door. A huge improvement to the parking I typically find at work by the time I arrive at 8:30 a.m.
I also saw these two geese walking together tonight as I left work. Thought they were cute...

After a week off from teaching yoga due to the wood floors being redone at the YMCA, I returned to the mat. Boy what a difference a week makes. I teach power vinyasa-style yoga, and at 30 weeks it's getting more difficult for me to teach and demonstrate various postures. The hardest part is talking as I'm doing even the simplest things, which causes me to easily lose my breath. Plus, I'm just getting large enough to be uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, yoga is still doable as a pregnant woman and very beneficial, but power yoga is probably not the best type, especially in the third trimester.

Here's a great posture to do for your hips and groin - plus it's nice and relaxing. Cobbler's pose against the wall; feels so good!


Anonymous said...

Love the parking sign!! That is soooo cool. Are you going to put a copy of the pic in your baby book? dgg

Yoga Mama said...

That's a good idea! I have the photo saved so I'll have to remember to do that. :)

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