Monday, March 3

A historic day in many ways

Tomorrow will be a historic day in U.S. presidential history since it will probably decide the 2008 Democratic nominee. Hillary Clinton must sweep the primaries in Texas and Ohio to have a chance over Barack Obama.

I have mixed emotions on the outcome. Either candidate will hopefully bring change desperately needed for the country and the world. Not sure if it's because I was raised by a history teacher, but I've always been intrigued by politics; in fact it was my minor in college. In 1998 I worked on the White House project, which was created to promote women in leadership - the goal to have a woman president by 2008. Here we are, scarily for me 10 years later (Seems like yesterday I was at Iowa State!), and the possibility of having a woman president is a reality! It's like a dream come true for me. I believe Clinton would be a strong commander in chief, but I worry she will polarize our country just as much as Bush, just in the opposite direction. It surprises me how many of my friends and family - young, old, men, women - do not like her. But I do think she gets judged harshly for being a strong woman. As Tina Fey said on SNL two Saturdays ago, "Bitch is the new black."

I had the pleasure of seeing Obama speak in my hometown of Council Bluffs, Iowa the Saturday after Thanksgiving prior to the Iowa caucus. My hubby and I joked it was our unborn baby's first political event - we're afraid we are going to have an Alex P. Keaton since we're such liberals. It shocked me how many of my friends and family who are politically minded didn't want to go see him. Think a lot of it had to do with them being fed up with the gazillion political calls received precaucus. Obama's positive campaign message is refreshing, and as Clinton sinisterly insinuates, the guy is a powerful speaker, especially in person. Seeing him did make me rethink my loyalty to Clinton. Am I only loyal to her because she is a woman? I'm not sure...

Quite honestly, I will be thrilled with either candidate, but I admit I will be bummed out if Clinton doesn't win the nomination. Maybe not because I'm such a fan of hers but a fan of the idea she represents. I want my child to know that whether she is a woman or if he is a boy, either has the opportunity to be whatever he/she wants, including the U.S. president.


Erik said...

With much research, I have come to understand that Hillary is quite the authoritarian and she did vote for the invasion.

As a Texan, this has been quite exciting. I have been to hear Obama, Paul and Clinton speak at least twice each this year.

I'm not sharing my vote currently, but I will let you know that I personally know a number of republicans who are now in Obama's camp and a number in Paul's camp. Thankfully, I know none in McCain's or Hillary's. :)

Yoga Mama said...

Thanks Erik - I'm excited to hear the outcome. Like I said, either way, I believe the Democrats will have a strong nominee.

Connie said...

I would love to have a female president, but I'm not sure Clinton's the right person. So many other countries have had female leaders and the U.S. is SO BEHIND. I think the country's ready -- but not for her. I definitely don't like that she still won't admit that her vote for the invasion was wrong.

I was kind of in the middle with both Obama and Clinton, but I've realized that so many people will come out and vote just to vote against her just like so many of us came out to vote to vote against Bush. I think Obama definitely represents the "change" that so many of us (especially liberals) are craving.

The hub and I also joke that we're such liberals, our baby's going to be a conservative!

Yoga Mama said...

Sounds like we're too much alike Connie! Also sounds like Clinton is still hanging in there. According to MSNBC online, Clinton won Ohio and Texas to close to call: Wow! This is going to be a photo finish!

Erik said...

Although I'm excited that people have gotten involved in this election, I am concerned that many have been so distracted by the presidential race that they have forgotten about legislation that is being pushed through while we are all watching political candidates NOT talk about what is actually going on.

Have you heard any of our potential fearless leaders addressing the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act?

Most Americans didn't hear about the Patriot Act until long after it went through.

My hope is that I am wrong and we have been learning our little history lessons as we go.

I want my children, whether they be boys or girls, to base their decisions about all people and politicians on actions and facts rather than gender, color or income.

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