Thursday, March 6

A New Earth

Along with the rest of the world, I'm reading "A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose" to take Oprah's online course with author Eckhart Tolle exploring its meaning. The hubby and I tried to watch the first live webcast this Monday, but due to so many viewers (over 500,000!), our Internet connection kept stalling. It didn't surprise me since I work closely with the webcast group in my corporate day job and know the technology can get overloaded with far fewer numbers. I still give credit to Oprah for being a pioneer and for being smart by offering a web and audio replay (I still need to watch the rest of Monday's!).

A few friends at work are also reading the book; one of them said it wasn't clicking with her. A few years ago, I tried to read Tolle's first book "The Power of Now," but it didn't resonate with me and I quit it after a few chapters. At the time, I was practicing the physical postures of yoga but wasn't really into the spiritual side of it yet. Now my practice has deepened where I've begun to study Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and other spiritual yogic texts. After only reading the first two chapters of "A New Earth," I already see a lot of similarities between the novel and yoga. In fact, I just read a blog post expressing the same parallel on The Everything Yoga Blog.

Take advantage of the opportunity to read "A New Earth" while benefiting from the input of the author and Oprah for 10 weeks. Tell me if you're reading it too and how it's going for you.

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Duke said...

Peace be with the moderator as well as those reading this message.(that is if this message is not censored :-).
The time has come, the harvest is ripe.
I am here to bring judgment to those who are awake, and those who are asleep.
Now is your time of testing.
Pass this on to all fellow believers.

The Faithful Witness

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