Sunday, March 2

Last Hoorah before baby

Possibly our last weekend getaway before baby arrives, the hubby and I traveled to my hometown of Council Bluffs, Iowa to see the Foo Fighters for the third time in concert. The first time we saw the band was also in the Omaha area about five years ago and the second in Atlanta on the first date of the group's last tour a few years ago.

The band recently won the Grammy for best rock album and seeing them in concert again showed why. Not that I'm a huge Foo Fighters fan like the hub, but the group does put on a kick-ass show.

I took some photos and video (not the best footage but I had to be cool like the "kids" and take some!)


Maria said...

Looks like you had some rockstar seats! Nice!

hillarysyogapractice said...

thanks for the comment - if you do the practice again you can do a squat with your knees on your thighs or go to the wall with your butt there like chair pose and do your kegels...

looking fwd to seeing the baby sweet one..


Yoga Mama said...

We did have very nice seats - thank you Rick for scoring those! But then they had a second stage that dropped from the ceiling halfway through the show and it was on the other side. Good for those in the back. Not so hot for us near the main stage... oh well.

Thanks for the prenatal modifications - I will try them out! I'm looking forward to seeing baby too... scared but excited.


Stephanie said...

Hi! I am glad you found me!!! I am so excited to head out (T-Minus 10 days!). I will have to get all sorts of tips from you when I start teaching in April. Congrats on the baby!!! EXCITING! The concert looks like a blast!

Yoga Mama said...

So looking forward to hearing about your intensive. Definitely keep in bloggy touch!

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