Monday, December 3

Being grateful is so RAMA

Today I actually felt awake the first time in months, for a Monday that is. Maybe it’s because I’m finally out of the first trimester, but I think it also has to do with the fact that I did a little yoga this morning (which I have been negligent on doing consistently in the a.m. the past few months). Also I set my intentions for the day and gave thanks. I discovered this process from a John Gray book called How to get what you want and want what you have. First, I get comfortable, usually on my back with my hands open to the sky and I start to say, “God (or whomever you want to talk to) my heart is open to you, please come into my heart.” I say it on every finger of my hands until they start to tingle and I feel physically connected. Then I state how I want my day to unfold and the following:
* What I’m happy about
* Who / what I love
* What I’m confident about
* What I’m grateful for
* And I always end with saying I’m grateful to you God for EVERYTHING!

Well I haven’t set my intentions or really prayed for a while. I hate to admit that, but when things are going well in my life, I tend to feel like it’s not necessary and then things start to fall apart. So this morning in savasana, I set my intentions, and I really do think it helps my day go more smoothly and brings to fruition what I want to happen.

Thank you GRATITUDE!

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