Tuesday, December 4

Showing at 15 weeks - RAMA?

Apparently I'm beginning to show. The last few days, once I break the news to someone, he or she says, "I was wondering..." Well, what's that supposed to mean?? Is the bump really that noticeable? I can still fit into my normal jeans without any struggle. In fact, some of my pants fit me better now - I swear my butt is getting smaller while my belly enlarges! Fine by me!

Since I'm beginning to show, I figure I better start looking for some maternity yoga clothes. Surfing online, I'm not seeing much and what I am seeing is kind of pricey. After googling "pregnancy yoga clothes" I found a decent article on this topic, such as where to shop and what you should buy on www.BabyFit.com. Here's the list of suggestions for mothers to be in terms of workout gear:
  • 1 pair maternity fitness shorts
  • 1 pair maternity yoga pants (long or capri); for yoga or any activity
  • 2 really good and supportive bras
  • 1 supportive swimsuit for any kind of water workout
  • 2 maternity tanks or tees for layering

Since I teach yoga 3x week, I'm not sure if that's enough yoga pants... guess I'll be a smelly teacher! :)

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