Wednesday, December 5

Lego my Ego please

Taught my Wednesday night, YMCA power yoga class and had a full room, which is always exciting (I can't help the ego sometimes.) I've been trying to guide the class more with my voice than by demonstrating physically up in the front, to prepare for when my bump grows so big I won't be able to touch my toes. I'm feeling more comfortable with this teaching style and feel like I am helping as well. If I do "correct" students, I usually try to do it verbally or demonstrate next to them how to alter what they are doing for the best alignment. I'm still not super comfortable with touching people, but every once in a while I will lightly touch to show the area that I'm talking about if verbal cues don't seem to be getting anywhere (i.e., between the shoulder bladed in down dog so they'll release more deeply.)

Any suggestions out there on what's right or wrong, good or bad? Keep in mind, I teach at a YMCA, not a yoga studio, however these people are kind of hard core yogis and know their stuff more than you might think so I don't think they'd mind physical adjustments. But I just remember how I felt when I received my first adjustment and wasn't expecting it - plus it kind of hurt my ego - there's that pesky ego again.

Oh my goodness, I didn't realize it was so late - better hit the hay.

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